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Business Continuity

A Single Facility for Managing Business Continuity Activities


BCM Repositories

Store and distribute Business Continuity Policies, Incident Management Plans, and Business Continuity Plans.

Attach documentation, and track the status of the distributed plans/policies to ensure content has been acknowledged by the relevant individuals in your organisation.


Business Impact Analysis

Full impact analysis and associated activity resumption plans for various scenarios. Assign ownership and track task completion.

Quantify timescales and allocate impacts to reputation, assets and financial status. Utilise workflow to ensure task visibility and assign ownership.


The wide range of reporting options within the Optial platform gives you a complete overview of both the current status and the historical trends of your data.

  • View your data via dashboards, trends, heat-maps, radars, barcharts, line charts, grids, tables etc.

  • Produce structured management reports or external regulatory reports in one click.

  • Save frequently used reports to your personalised “Home” screen within the application.

  • Self-service reporting available via a comprehensive list builder tool and advanced search functionality.

  • Reporting layer fully respects underlying access control, ensuring that all users can utilise reporting functionality.

  • Drill-through functionality available on all reports to view underlying business data.

  • All reports can be exported into a variety of formats (PDF, Excel, Word etc.).

  • Schedule reports to run based upon set frequencies to minimize manual intervention.

  • Reporting layer optionally accessible via your own Business Intelligence tools, including SSRS, Tableau, QlikView, COGNOS, SAP etc.

  • Multi language reporting is supported: the user can see report data in their native language, if required.

Configurable Solution

Where the standard Optial module does not exactly match business requirements, Optial's platform-integrated Configuration feature provides what the business wants:

  • Ability to tightly meet exact business needs through front-end configuration, not risky code.

  • Configuration is 100% guaranteed to be backwards-compatible over each Optial software version.

  • Achieve results rapidly, whether for production or proof of concept.

  • Ability to change over time, as business and regulatory drivers change.

  • Low Risk.

  • Cost Effective.

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