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Business Benefits

Optial offers a powerful, flexible software platform for managing key business assurance activities more efficiently and more effectively. By implementing Optial, strategic decision making can be better informed, operating costs significantly lowered and compliance ensured in an ever changing regulatory environment. Furthermore, accountability is secured through clarity of risk ownership and reputation is enhanced with a demonstrably disciplined approach to audit, risk management and compliance. Both of these factors aid the promotion of good governance.

Packaged and Tailored Solutions

Optial provides a series of packaged solutions or can deliver custom solutions using its configuration module to meet exacting business requirements and approaches.

Future Proofing

The Optial platform was designed from the outset to ensure that future changes to business requirements or the regulatory environment could be safely incorporated into the system using configuration - without the need for custom coding and re-development.

Each software update is 100% guaranteed to be compatible with previous versions.

One Team

Optial proudly works as “One Team” with our clients. A leading Investment and Retail banking client commented, “Optial sits on the same side of the table as the client.”  Collaboration and excellent customer service are our guiding principles.