Business Value

The key benefits of the EHS SmartStart solution are:

  • International Legal registers.
  • Country Audit Checklists for Retail, Office and Service industries.
  • Compliance plans such as OSHA, ISO, RIDDOR, COSHH for local & international regulatory requirements.
  • Key Indicator, Risk assessment Health Checks.
  • Liaison with regulatory agencies.
  • Incident investigation.
  • Vendor due diligence.
  • Waste audits
  • Permit applications, product stewardship advice.
  • Track & manage incidents in an organised and systematic structure.
  • Flexible software evolves with your changing organisational structure & regulatory requirements.
  • Report across any level of the organisation identifying trends & issues with interactive and analytical reporting.
  • Manage all regulatory & compliance operations from a single platform.
  • Drive accountability, timescales, escalate actions with simple, powerful workflow with full activity audit trail.
  • Establish user permissions & security views throughout the system.



Optial provides comprehensive integrated reporting functionality to empower users to extract maximum value from the system either by using real time list reports, management reports, and dashboards for oversight and visual representation of information that can be further used within management reporting and presentations.

Optial lists reports provide users with real time access to information with the ability to search, filter, and sort the data, as well as save and share report definitions with other users. List report data can also be exported to Excel for further analysis if needed.

As well as real time embedded list reports Optial has fully integrated business intelligence reporting which provides the capability to produce comprehensive management reporting and dashboards based upon information within the system.


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Configurable Compliance Checklists

Global Compliance Reports

Offline working, real-time import / export functionality.

Dynamic Audit Management Dashboard

Configurable Solution

Where the standard Optial module does not exactly match business requirements, Optial's platform-integrated Configuration feature provides what the business wants:

  • Ability to tightly meet exact business needs through front-end configuration, not risky code.
  • Configuration is 100% guaranteed to be backwards-compatible over each Optial software version.
  • Achieve results rapidly, whether for production or proof of concept.
  • Ability to change over time, as business and regulatory drivers change.
  • Low Risk.
  • Cost Effective.

About Optial

  • Specialist provider of advanced IT solutions for Environmental, Health & Safety, Audit, Governance, Risk and Compliance.
  • Well established company. Founded in 2000.
  • Majority owned by a private investment consortium with significant assets.
  • Headquartered in London, UK.
  • Optial products implemented by Fortune 500 organisations in over 50 countries.
  • Strong team from a wide and varied background, with importance placed on personal integrity, professionalism and fair dealing.
  • Excellent client relationships: flexible, quality approach.
  • Collaboration and excellent customer service are our guiding principles.