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About Optial

We are ready with a powerful and innovative platform to deliver your GRC Solution. 

Our Mission

  • Provide organisations with an intuitive and flexible platform to manage Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), Audit and EHS activities.

  • Be recognised as a great place to work

  • Do the right thing

About us

For over 20 years, clients have turned to Optial for GRC solutions across industries and geographies.  Our GRC platform is the standard regardless of regulatory or compliance changes, because of the powerful and innovative technology it is built upon.

We have a proven track record of successful implementations, moving seamlessly to platform support. Whether you require 10 seats or over 20,000 seats, our mission is to provide you with the highest level of software solutions (product and services) to meet your GRC requirements.

Our Story

Optial was created in 2000 when cofounders Chris O’Brien and Gideon Harbour set out to build software that would shape the GRC developing needs.

At that time, organisations were heavily dependent on manuals and paper checklists to carry out their compliance and regulatory activities. Inundated with corporate and government how-to-guides, Optial’s platform provided an innovative solution that cut through the need for endless paperwork that plagued industry.

Optial is a team of creative thinkers and visionaries. That’s why we built Optial to be web-based from inception. We were early providers of hosted SAAS environments. It’s why we are confident that our platform is ready and capable for whatever is on the GRC horizon.

Optial Today

Today, the GRC landscape is changing at an unprecedented pace. Organisations require software and technology that will not be outdated or obsolete with the next regulatory requirement.

At Optial, we are ready with a powerful and innovative platform to build your GRC requirements upon.  We are a leading GRC software provider, used globally across a number of industries for a variety of GRC uses. The system provides insight of how operational behaviours affect the bottom line ensuring frameworks and processes are consistently applied  throughout the organisation, ensuring governance, risk management and compliance  are effective and aligned through its regions, divisions, departments and sites.

The Optial platform continues to evolve with the market requirements – ensuring technology longevity for years to come.


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Executive Team

As a company, Optial is a very steady ship. The board of directors has remained unchanged since founding the company in 2000 and the senior members of the delivery teams have between eight and twenty years’ service

Gideon Harbour, Chairman

Gideon is an investor in technology and SaaS businesses in private and public markets.  He is a member of and advises several boards. He chairs a philanthropic foundation supporting postgraduate scholarships in the sciences. Gideon started his career with consulting firm McKinsey & Co and holds an MA from Oxford in PPE (Politics, Philosophy and Economics).

Chris O’Brien, CEO & CTO

Joint founder of Optial, Chris has over 30 years experience in leading-edge system design and technology.

Optial is the result of Chris' research into flexible/extensible object relational architecture. Chris leads engineering and development of the system and sits on the Board of Optial.

Our Timeline

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