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EHS SmartStart

A Comprehensive Environmental, Health and Safety Solution



Be compliant with standards such as ISO, OSHA, RIDDOR, COSHH, for local & international regulatory requirements.



Establish continually updated legal compliance, using legislative checklists & country legal registers.



Track and manage incidents at any time with immediate root cause analysis & assessment.



Monitor, measure, mitigate risk with real-time status reports for any site, region, or globally.

Business Value

The key benefits of the EHS SmartStart solution are:

  • Establish user permissions & security views throughout the system.

  • Out-of-the-box solution, more effectively managing EH&S after just 1 day.

  • Manage all regulatory & compliance operations from a single platform.

  • Track & manage incidents in an organised and systematic structure.

  • Seamless data import from existing third-party systems.

  • Work offline, from laptop or tablet.

  • Zero upfront costs and quick ROI.

  • Flexible software evolves with your changing organisational structure & regulatory requirements.

  • Drive accountability, timescales, escalate actions with simple, powerful workflow with full activity audit trail.

  • Report across any level of the organisation identifying trends & issues with interactive and analytical reporting

Scaleable Pricing

EHS SmartStart pricing is an annual fee. Determine how many users you need, and grow your system accordingly.

All of our user-priced systems come fully-featured, so you don't miss out on any functionality.

EHS SmartStart Includes:

  • Configuration: Users, Organisational Structure, Categorisation options for Findings, Actions and Incidents plus any pre-existing checklists.

  • Data Upload: Importing existing data.

  • Installation. Hosted on secure Rackspace servers.

  • Training. "Train-the-trainer".

  • Uptime Guarantee. Includes uptime guarantee and software upgrades.

  • Support. Online customer care system.

We also understand that sometimes a Fully Customised/Bespoke tailored EHS Management software solution is required. This can be provided in a swift, low risk, cost effective manner using the power of our software platform. Contact us for details.


Optial can also provide consultancy and content combined with EHS SmartStart.

We supply through our partner convergence consulting LLC, ready to use Legal Register and Audit Checklists in the system, to give you everything you need to get up and running.  Focus areas include:

  • International Legal registers.

  • Country Audit Checklists for Retail, Office and Service industries.

  • Compliance plans such as OSHA, ISO, RIDDOR, COSHH for local & international regulatory requirements.

  • Key Indicator, Risk assessment Health Checks.

  • Liaison with regulatory agencies.

  • Incident investigation.

  • Vendor due diligence

  • Waste audits

  • Permit applications, product stewardship advice

Configurable Solution

Where the standard Optial module does not exactly match business requirements, Optial's platform-integrated Configuration feature provides what the business wants:

  • Ability to tightly meet exact business needs through front-end configuration, not risky code.

  • Configuration is 100% guaranteed to be backwards-compatible over each Optial software version.

  • Achieve results rapidly, whether for production or proof of concept.

  • Ability to change over time, as business and regulatory drivers change.

  • Low Risk.

  • Cost Effective.

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