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OpRisk on Demand

Operational Risk, Compliance & Audit Solution.

Cost Effective, Rapidly Deployed


Lower Costs

Fixed monthly cost (no surprises). Pay as you go service (minimum 6 months). Subscribe on a Monthly Basis. No set-up cost involved.


Rapid Deployment

SaaS hosted browser-based solution.No other software required.


Flexible Options

Option to install Optial solution in-house, over time if required. The ability to extract your data at the end of the service period.


Proven Platform

OpRisk on Demand service is based on the use of Optial’s standard SmartStart platform.


The modules can either be standalone solutions or in any combinations sitting within the intergrated core platform


Compliance Management

Monitor Internal Controls and Ensure Regulatory Compliance


Audit Management

Record Findings and Agreed Actions, Ensuring Transparency and Clarity


Business Continuity

A Single Facility for Managing Business Continuity Activities 


Risk Management

Identify, Assess, Monitor and Mitigate Risk Throughout your Organisation


Incident Management

Capture, Investigate, Prioritise and Analyse Incidents and Loss Events

Business Value

The key benefits that Optial OpRisk On Demand includes:​

  • Easy Setup – No Setup costs. We can optionally load existing data.

  • Lower Cost of Ownership - Optial purchases and maintains the hardware, software and operating systems, as well as the staff to manage it all. This results in lower cost of ownership for the end-user, allowing you to channel valuable resources into your core business operations.

  • Convenience - Optial takes responsibility for database management, system maintenance, upgrades and technical support so that you don't have to worry about it. Our skilled engineers keep everything running behind the scenes so that every time you log on you know that you're using the most recent version of the application.

  • Access - With centrally managed web applications there is no client side software installation. All you need is a web browser. So you can connect to your data in Optial from any computer with Internet access. Work from any desk in your office or indeed any office around the world.

  • Speed to Market - In the past, enterprise software installations could take months. Technical requirements needed to be assessed, capital budgets approved, hardware purchased and set-up, software installed and IT staff trained. Optial's hosted technical infrastructure is already fully operational and tested. All you have to do is log on. You can be switched on and using Optial within a matter of hours.

  • Scalability - Optial is engineered with the scaleability to support global corporate installations and our hosting environment is able to grow seamlessly with your requirements. Need to add more users? Just call us and they can be switched on within a matter of minutes. No longer does your business have to be held back by IT considerations.

  • Peace of Mind - Optial applications are hosted in world class data centres offering state-of the-art facilities. The centres have been designed to provide unparalleled levels of security, reliability and connectivity. Our highly skilled engineers monitor the system around the clock, ready to respond to ensure that the system is operating at optimal performance at all times.

Configurable Solution

Where the standard Optial module does not exactly match business requirements, Optial's platform-integrated Configuration feature provides what the business wants:

  • Ability to tightly meet exact business needs through front-end configuration, not risky code.

  • Configuration is 100% guaranteed to be backwards-compatible over each Optial software version.

  • Achieve results rapidly, whether for production or proof of concept.

  • Ability to change over time, as business and regulatory drivers change.

  • Low Risk.

  • Cost Effective.

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